Adapt Integrated Health Care

At Adapt Integrated Health Care, our ERGs—spanning BIPOC, Accessibility, Neurodiversity, and LGBTQ+ communities—offer a vibrant platform for personal and professional growth.

These groups foster a nurturing environment for employees to connect, develop skills, and actively contribute to our key business goals. Our ERGs not only enhance the sense of belonging within our team but also drive innovation through diverse perspectives and open dialogue. Join us to experience how our ERGs empower each individual and enrich our collective journey!

Adapt Integrated Health Care values your well-being and career growth, offering a comprehensive benefits package. Experience 100% employer-paid medical plans, generous Providence Health Plan options, and health savings accounts. We support work-life balance with flexible holidays, vacation time, and Blue Zone initiatives. Plus, benefit from our student loan reimbursement programs and a 5% annual 401k employer contribution. Join us for a rewarding career with benefits that truly support you and your family!

Opportunities at Adapt Integrated Health Care

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