About Us

Founded in 2014, Aledade offers a new model of primary care that keeps physicians right where they want to be: building strong, impactful relationships with their patients. Aledade has grown rapidly and currently partners with hundreds of practices responsible for nearly 1.7 million patients across 37+ states to support the delivery of seamless, affordable, high-quality care.

Diversity & Inclusion

Aledade is committed to diversity and inclusion and fostering a culture where each and every employee can bring their true selves to work. To help support this effort, we formed the following voluntary employee-led Affinity Resource Groups (ARGs)ARGs at Aledade are critical partners in helping drive forward initiatives that:

  • Promote diversity and inclusion education in alignment with Aledade’s core values
  • Support diversity in recruitment for Aledade as an employer of choice for all people
  • Provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for Aledade staff and the people we serve
  • Advance patient advocacy initiatives to ensure access to care, better health, and wellness among patients (including their support network), Aledade employees, and practice staff
  • Create an inclusive environment to build relationships and allies across the company, including positive role models and mentorship opportunities


Diversabilities & Allies

Aledade has a network of support, resources, and mentorship to enable a sense of community for all individuals who are impacted by disabilities and neurodiversity. Supported individuals who are their “full selves” at work, not only demonstrate better individual performance, but are better in building cross functional relationships throughout the organization.

Opportunities at Aledade

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